Ami International Visa Consulting Office in Osaka                                  Visa Application and Legal Consulting Services
(a) Application for a Certificate of Eligibility
(b) Application for permission to engage in non-authorized activity
(c) Application for a permission to extend your period of stay
(d) Application for a permission to change your residence status
(e) Application for a permission to obtain a permanent residence
(f) Application for naturalization
(g) Certification of your passport
Born in Hokkaido in 1949

Graduated from TokyoUniversity
of Foreign Studies

Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist
Registration No.1026.1073

We are Gyoseishoshi lawyers, Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists qualified by the Government of Japan and certified as Immigration Lawyers by the Immigration Bureau. We are allowed to provide legal advice and make documents for clients on administrative procedures for the government. In immigration procedure, we proceed to the application of visa, to change the status of residence, to extend the period of stay, etc. on behalf of our clients.

We can offer you an adequate information in order for your visa application to be consistent with the requirement of the Immigration law and other related regulations. We are willing to help you with all kinds of your request including setting up business in Japan and other related legal issues.

We are also legal specialists in international marriage/divorce and naturalization. We can offer you our attentive and professional service as the administrative procedures are somewhat complicated and time-consuming for those who do not have enough experience.